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Vitaliy Krasulin
Director (CEO)

Welcome to the official website of Karbon-Shungit Company!

We base our activity on principles of a fair business: transparency for our clients and partners. We value your time and finances, and we understand that your savings are affected by how well we plan our work. Therefore, we try to innovate procedures of ordering products and making deals, delivery methods, and supply assurances every day. On our website, you can find all necessary information about shungite, its beneficial properties, and ways of using and purchasing it on the most advantageous for you terms. Let’s move towards fruitful partnership together!

Yuri Blyudnik
Head of quarry of Zazhoginskoye shungite deposit

Karelian shungite is a unique material given to us by nature. This is one of the reasons why we pay a lot of attention keeping the environment safe during mining and processing shungite. Increasing ecological safety of production is one of our main priorities. By investing into modernization of the company, we put our strength and finances into our shared future – shungite.

Dmitry Chabanyuk
Head of Sales Department

Today, shungite is successfully used by many companies all around the world; the demand in it is constantly increasing. Our objective is to aid this process in different ways, one of which is introduction of the most comfortable for our clients’ sales policy.

Vladimir Matveev
Head Geologist
Tatyana Istomina
Financial Director
Yaroslav Shegolev
Shift Manager
Oleg Yurinov
Chief Mechanic
Elena Kochina
Payroll Manager