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Opening of the Shungit Presentation Cente

In May 2019, NPK Karbon-Shungit LLC opened the «Shungit» Presentation Center in Petrozavodsk.

Shungit is a world famous brand of Karelia. The center is open to promote the rare mineral, its unique properties and innovative uses. The exposition presents samples of Zazhoginsky schungite, products and souvenirs from a unique Karelian mineral, as well as a water purification plant based on schungite sorbent.

Visitors to the Presentation Center will learn how shungite is mined and in which industries it is used. The prepared video will help to make a virtual trip to the shungite mining site — Zazhoginsky deposit in the Medvezhiegorsk region of Karelia.

Each visitor of the Center will be able to take as a keepsake a unique mineral as a gift, as well as to purchase souvenirs and cosmetics with schungite from the company's partners.

The presentation center «Shungit» is working on preliminary requests, the schedule of admission groups is agreed individually for each group.

The presentation center is located at the address: Petrozavodsk, nab. Varkausa, 25, 1st floor. In front of the center there is a spacious parking for vehicles.

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