Our advantage is an opportunity to deliver Karbon-Shungit products to any place in the world.

  • Gulf of Onega Lake is located 5 km from shungite’s deposit; this is where Karbon-Shungit has its own factory. From this pier, direct shipments are conducted during the period of river navigation from May 20 until November 15.
  • We are ready to proceed with bulk shipment of shungite, deadweight from 1 thousand to 3.5 thousand metric tons, using vessels of the river-sea class to Baltic sea. In case of the weight being over 3.5 thousand metric tons or when there is a need in vessels under Marine Register, intermediate accumulation of shipload in Baltic sea will be required. Please consider it when estimating the delivery time.
  • We have an opportunity of shipping shungite by wagon by railway transport from closely located manufacturing complex of Petrozavodsk and Medvezhya Gora railway stations. We can deliver shungite through railroad to any country that has a Russian standard track.
  • We have an experience of shipping production around Russia and to European countries by truck.
  • We can also deliver shipments in Euro-pallet in Big Bags, in special containers, and in boxes for large fractions.
  • We are interested in shipping shungite straight from our factories by rail if shipment is above 60 metric tons, by truck if shipment is above 20 metric tons, or ship it in 40-pounds FEU or 20-pounds TEU.
  • We are aiming at developing a system of our own interim logistic storages and storages of our partners in Russia and abroad for shipments of shungite in small wholesales starting from 1 metric ton and/or 1 Euro-pallet, involving Russian and international shipping agent companies.
  • We are focusing on considering the maximum of clients’ needs and are ready to produce and deliver shungite goods within a reasonable time frame.

Main delivery methods
By trucks
By sea
By rail
You can use the option of calculating the cost of FOB shipment (Incoterms 2000). Shipment of production is conducted in harbors of Lake Onega, Saint Petersburg, Riga and Ventspils (Latvia), Tallinn (Estonia), and Kotka (Finland).

Our logistics specialists will help you determine the fastest and economically beneficial way of transportation. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the price of the packaging is estimated separately for every order.
Single-window system
We want to make cooperation with Karbon-Shungit comfortable for you, so we developed different forms of communication.
You can leave your questions and proposals by filling in the questionnaire or order a call back.
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