Scientific-production complex Karbon-Shungit PLC

185031, The Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Varkaus embankement, 25, floor 1, room 31
Address for sending correspondence:
75, Petrozavodsk, 18503
In order to improve selling systems of shungite in Russia and abroad, we will soon be opening embassies of our enterprise. Check out our latest news.
You can also purchase production of Karbon-Shungit from our official dealers and distributors.
The company sells production weighing 1 ton and more. If you have any questions regarding purchasing shungite under 1 ton, we recommend addressing our official dealers and distributors.
Single-window system
We want to make cooperation with Karbon-Shungit comfortable for you, so we developed different forms of communication.
You can leave your questions and proposals by filling in the questionnaire or order a call back.
We will answer promptly!