The original

Karbon-Shungit is the only company that mines original Karelian shungite.
We are concerned with falsified products reaching the market and aim at preventing it, while also looking for ways to introduce a one price policy.
О шунгите
  • The only company that does industrial mining of shungite is Karbon-Shungit.

  • Direct deliveries of shungite from its deposit is the guarantee of its high quality.

  • The product range of Karbon-Shungit includes all fractions of the mineral that are currently used in various spheres of world economy.

  • Onega Lake is the second largest lake in Europe. The hollow of this lake is a gigantic rocky bowl that consists of shungite deposits. The properties of this rock determine the clearness of the lake and uniqueness of many mineral water springs, including Marzialniye Vodi — the first in Russia’s history balneotherapeutic complex. Since 18th century, shungite is known as the stone of life.

  • Karelian shungite is the only natural compound that contains fullerene-like shungite carbon, silicon oxide, and other useful substances. Fullerenes are formed close to carbon stars in space. Natural analogues of fullerenes on our planet have been found only in Karelia in the form of a unique mineral: Karelian shungite.

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