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Murmanskaya str., 22, Petrozavodsk,
Republic of Karelia, Russia.

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Shungite is Karelian national raw material. Shungite is a new type of mineral raw material previously unknown in the world practice which contains original carbon in the form of shungite.

The properties of shungite are quite original which explains its very often unexpected applications.


Research-and-production enterprise "Carbon-Shungite" is mining the one and only in the world deposit ofshungite rock. Zazhoginskoye deposit is situated in the territory of Zaonezhskij peninsular (Medvezhjegorski region of republic of Karelia) - see the diagram.

Shungite rock is unique by composition, structure and properties. It is an original by structure natural composite with uniform distribution of highly-dispersion crystal silicate particles in amorphous carbon matrix. Average size of silicate particles is about 1 micron. The rocks in the deposit contain about 30 per cent of carbon and 70 per cent of silicates. The rock is characterized by high hardness, density, chemical resistance and electrical conductivity. It possesses a number of unusual physical, chemical, physical-chemical and technological properties.

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The enterprise produces crushed and ground shungite rock of various fraction sizes.

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Crushing and sorting of Shungite rock.

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