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The government made a choice in favor of shungite as a material to be used in treatment facilities of the new road complex passing through Akhtuba river

Bridge complex over Akhtuba river, which became a continuation of a large overpass between Volgograd and Volzhskiy, entered exploitation phase. The government believes that it will enable a direct transit for trade transport from Middle Asia, China, and Iran. A distinctive feature of the project is the treatment facilities that are placed on every kilometer of the road: altogether, there are 6 facilities. Water from the bridge flows into those facilities through Akhtuba river through a powerful network of storm drains. Each one of them is capable of cleaning wastewater by 95-98% due to use of shungite mined by Karbon-Shungit, which is an extremely high rate.

Local government notes, that it would be cheaper to use chemical absorbents, but it was decided that, since the facility is in conservation area, it is best to use natural mineral shungite.

For the record, the length of the complex between Volgograd and Volzhskiy is 6.5 km. This is a complex construction that consists of several parts: arrival, overpass, straight stretch, engineering communications, host-part, and traffic interchange. The bridge can handle not only passenger cars but also an intensive flow of freight transport.

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