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Karbon-Shungit took part in development of unique shungite-dolomite fertilizers

Pure natural non-chemical fertilizer was developed by Karbon-Shungit Company in cooperation with Karelian State Agricultural Experimental Station of Russian Agriculture Academy, State Scientific Institution. The fertilizer contains dolomite and shungite powder from Zazhoginskoye deposit that contains up to 30% fullerene-like carbon and 55% of silicon oxide and other microelements required by plants.

Today, shungite-dolomite fertilizers are independent and just as effective as complex azotic-phosphoric-potassic fertilizers. Systematic studies by Karelian experimental station of Russian Agriculture Academy show that the height of plants and number of productive tubers of potato trial plots are much higher when shungite-dolomite fertilizer is used. The development of regular scabs, black scabs, and late blights is lowered by 53-78%.

Apart from this, shungite-dolomite fertilizers aid in growth and development of plants and increase their height by 13% and productivity of potatoes by 27.3%. Usage of these fertilizers ensures a significant increase in yield productivity of seed tubers and at the same time creates a protection effect from terricolous mushroom pathogens. As a result, Sudarinya breed, for instance, gives up to 5.2 kg from 1 square meter. To compare, the largest exporter of potatoes, Northern Netherlands, has yielding of 4.3 kg per square meter.

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