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The list of our clients is an indicator of a wide range of possible spheres of shungite application and recognition of its useful properties.

Together with our clients, we are looking forward to enlightening population of our planet about the useful properties of shungite, the so-called stone of the future. Shungite is also the stone of the present, since it helps to follow a path to ecology and healthy lifestyle.

The processing of solid-cast shungite and products made of it
Intalia Company, Petrozavodsk

Intalia Company produces shungite goods since 2003. A wide range of goods is manufactured in Petrozavodsk. Company’s staff consists of highly qualified professionals. Products are delivered all around Russia as well as abroad.

Official website of the client: www.shungit-ki.ru

Raritet Trade House, Petrozavodsk

Raritet Trade House processes Karelian shungite since 2000. It has its own production. The range of products is constantly renewed.

Official website of the client: www.mir-shungita.ru

Vyacheslav Sobolev, Petrozavodsk

Vyacheslav Sobolev is a sole trader whose company specializes in selling shungite and goods made of it.

Official website: www.shungitrussia.ru

Karelian Shungite Factory, Petrozavodsk

Karelian Shungite factory specializes in production and supply of souvenirs made of shungite for more than 10 years. The production space consists of three thousand square meters which allows to release a large spectrum of nomenclature of production available for wholesale and for retail sale. According to company’s documents, it sold more than 850 thousand items made of shungite over the period of its activity.

Official website of the client: www.schungit.ru

ShungitLife Company, Petrozavodsk

ShungitLife produces a wide spectrum of goods made of shungite. For the 9 years of company’s activity, its employees positioned themselves as highly qualified professionals. Products are delivered all around Russia, including Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Ural region, and to the EU and China.

Official website of the client: www.shungit.life

Karelian Shungite Manufacturing Company, Petrozavodsk

The company makes wholesales and retail sales of shungite and items made of shungite.

Official website: http://sfinx.karelia.ru

Shungite Center, Moscow

Shungite Center is both a store and a storage of shungite products in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Petrozavodsk.

Official website: www.shungite.ru

Water-treatment and Water-processing
Company «Gidrotekhproekt», Moscow

Gidrotekhproyekt is an organization in the field of hydraulic research. It specializes in studying chemical pollution of soils, surface water and groundwater, and air; it identifies the origin of pollution and develops projects inside engineering systems of water supply and sewerage.

Gidrotekhproyekt uses shungite in cleaning systems of storm drains, which is its own development that was successfully introduced in Russia.

Official website of the client: www.gtpmos.ru

ONEGA Scientific Production Enterprise, the Republic of Tatarstan

ONEGA specializes in production of modular water treatment systems. The company developed innovative system of add-on cleaning and conditioning of water using harmless natural minerals such as shungite and zeolite. ONEGA filters model natural processes of water cleaning on molecular level. With its help, we receive perfectly filtered drinking water enriched with oxygen and containing all mineral salts and components that are required for human health. ONEGA develops filters that can be used in both public institutions and household environment. The work of modular system is fully automatized and does not require constant observation by the staff.

Together with Federal Center of Toxicological, Radiation, and Biological Safety, the company developed shungite feed additives for farm animals.

Official website of the client: www.shungite.org

Tekhnologiya Company, Saint Petersburg

The company has two product lines: A2 Electric and AquaShungite; both use shungite as the main component.

A2 Electric is a unique patented development in production of heating elements based on carbon containing materials. They are suitable for installation in household settings, for heating industrial facilities, and for engineering communications during construction process. This system provides an optimal consumption of electricity which is user-friendly and long-lasting.

AquaShungite filtration systems for water treatment are created for a reliable and easily operated household usage. Shungite-based filters clean drinking water, enrich it with minerals, engulf harmful elements, and restore good for health microelements.

Official website of the client: www.shungit-electric.com

ERG Group, St. Petersburg

The company develops and implements removal of waste and cleaning of sewage disposals using shungite as one of the means.

ERG Group works since 1990 specializing in processing sewage disposals and eliminating industrial waste. It did several ecological projects, including creation of installments and systems of filtering industrial sewage disposals of different functioning for 10 industrial enterprises.

Official website of the client: www.erg-spb.ru

Politerm Company, Vladimir City

Politerm Company was founded in 1991; it specializes in implementation of technologies of thermal insulation for conduits and multipurpose technical equipment using various coatings.

Since 2004, the company is actively working on production and implementation of conduit systems, including those that have been tentatively thermally insulated, and of water purification systems that remove turbidity, iron, and dissolved gases using shungite.

Official website of the client: www.politerm.tiu.ru

Agriculture (land development, fertilizers, feed additives)
B.E.A. Srl, Repubblica di San Marino

The company works in the sphere of biotechnology and uses it in agriculture, benefitting nature. It specializes in development and promotion of mineral fertilizers, including shungite-based fertilizers, and of biodynamics in agricultural sector in synergy with nature.

Official website of the client: http://bea.sm

Fillers of mixes and protective coating
Zhuravskiy Ochre Factory, Voronezh region

The factory was founded in 1912. It specializes in extraction and supply of concrete stones and in implementing ochre, environment-friendly mineral pigment. Starting in 2009, the factory fixed the release of KARELIT fine mesh shungite powder, which found a widespread use in the tire industry and in production of items made of industrial rubber goods.

Official website of the client: www.oao-joz.ru

Alfapol Manufacturing Company, Saint Petersburg

The company was founded in 1997. It specializes in development and production of dry construction mixes, for specific and general purposes, for setting high-strength coating for floors. Moreover, the catalogue of production includes glue, plaster, and repair compositions.

Dry mixes Alfapol are made of natural raw materials: magnesite, shungite, and other minerals that are mined in Russia. As it is highlighted on the website, such combination of natural components ensures durability and environment-friendly properties and significantly increases safety and quality of construction.

Alfapol is a member of Builders Association of Russia.

Official website of the client: www.alfapol.ru

RegionResursSnab, Moscow

The company specializes in wholesales of metals, metal ores, and metallurgical charge.

Official website: (expected soon)

Rehabilitation and Balneotherapy
Engineering Center of Fire Robots Technology FR, Petrozavodsk

The company developed Shungite Room project upon which a modern rehabilitation complex was developed and is now opened. It is intended to be used by the employees of the company and by the workers who were participating in removal of technogenic accidents.

The company, in cooperation with Institute of Geology of Russian Academy of Sciences, conducts research of shungite technology.

Official website of the client: www.firerobots.ru

Kirov Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg

It is the first educational institution in Russia that trains military personnel for work in medical services of the Russian Federation armed forces. It is located in a landmark building in Saint Petersburg. A referral hospital is also part of the Academy.

Official website: www.vmeda.org

Medical Care facility of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation, Nizhegorod region

In 2010, a shungite room was opened in a rehabilitation center. It suits well for general strengthening of human organs or when stress relief is needed.

Official website: https://мсч.52.мвд.рф

Krasivo Health Center, Belgorod region

Health center is based in Belgorod region in a picturesque forest zone and is considered to be one of the best Russian health centers. It combines a complex for modern treatment and health promotion and a place for relaxation.

Shungite baths are one of the medical services offered by Krasivo health center.

Official website of the client: www.san-krasivo.ru

Dvorzi Health Center, Marzialniye Vodi, the Republic of Karelia

This health center is known as a pearl of the Republic of Karelia because it is located on the territory of Marzialniye Vodi, a well-known thermal water resort. It consists of 58 rooms. Such services as prevention and shungite treatment are offered by the health center.

Official website: www.dvortcy.ru

Beliye Klyuchi Health Center, Petrozavodsk

This modern health center offers a wide range of wellness programs and treatments, one of which is staying in a shungite room.

Official website: www.whitesprings.ru