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Water supply

Shungite in water purification

Schungite as effective material in water treatment.

By physical and mechanical properties (strength, attrition, volumetric density) schungite is similar to the conventionally used filtering material - quartz sand.

Schungite possesses sorption properties to a wide range of organic matters (active matters, spirits, resins, pesticides, oil products, etc.).

Schungite demonstrates specific activity in removal from water of chlorine organic particles and dioxins, 30 times more effectively than activated coal.

Schungite can disinfect water from bacteria, spores, micro-organisms, blue-green algae.

Schungite can imparts to water biological activity and medicinal properties. Schungite possesses catalytic properties that enhance oxidization of alsorbed organic matter.

Schungite can be used:
  • in treatment of water through filters (domestic and industrial filters of various capacity for food industry);
  • to clean and disinfect water in wells;
  • in water treatment for swimming pools;
  • in water treatment for thermal power stations;
  • in water treatment for cosmetics production;
  • for cleaning of rain and industrial sewage;
  • for water treatment in closed circuits.
водопад Кивач

Шунгитовые фильтры Шунгитовые фильтры

Content of oil products and suspended matter in water samples taken at the inlet and outlet of shungite filter, installed MRR at, a crossroads with river Yauza.

Sample number At the inlet At the outlet
Oil products Suspended
Oil products Suspended
1 6.72 1025.0 0.06 6.6
2 3.23 372.5 0.15 1.2
3 1.61 1106.0 0.22 4.0
4 0.75 174.0 0.08 26.6

Water in Yauza river: oil products - 0,44; suspended matter - 42,8. Concentration index was redused from 50 - 55 mg/l to 2 - 7 mg/l.

Shungite filters ensure effective cleaning of water from oil contaminants.

Шунгитовые фильтры Шунгитовые фильтры

Shungite filters at a crossroads of bigway with river Kliyazma.

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