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  • In cast iron production 1 ton of schungite with carbon content 30% can substitute 0,9-1,2 tons of coke or 1 kg of schungite carbon can substitute 3-4 kg of coke carbon.

  • In blast furnace process the rate of substitution of coke by schungite was much lower and on the average is 0,5.

But schungite influences the technological process: in the temperature conditions of the blast furnace it facilitates the formation of silicon carbide and its settling on the hearth walls thereby extending the life of the furnace.

  • In ferroalloy smelting the rate of substitution of coke by schungite was 0,5 t/t. At the same time the production of the smelter increased by 3% with electric power consumption reduced by 2,7%.

  • In pyrometallurgy of non-ferrous metals the use of schungite made it possible to reduce consumption of coke and sandstone, to enhance the rate of metal extraction and reduce energy consumption.

  • Schungite is used by several iron-and-steel works: by Koso-gorski iron works, Lipetski iron works "Svobodnyi Sokol", Novokuznetsk! and Novo-lipetski metallurgical plants, etc.

шунгит в металлургии

шунгит в металлургии
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