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Structure of shungite rock

Shungite is an uncommon carbon-constained mineral. Its unique features are attributed to the structure and properties of shungite carbon and its interaction with the silicate components in the rock.

Шунгит Зажогинский

Shungite carbon.

Shungite carbon is elementtary carbon with original shungite structure/ Its basis is a multi-layer globule about 10 nm in size. Such structure is stable to graphitization; it is highly active in oxidization and reduction process; it possesses sorption and catalytic properties.

Nanodiffractionate picture of shungite carbon

Nanodiffractionate picture of shungite carbon(probe 0,3 - 0,7 nm)

Structure of rock

Carbon forms a matrix in the rock in which highly-dispersed silicates with particle size 0,5 - 5 mc are located.

Структура шунгитовой породы

Структура шунгитовой породы

Distributed silicates in the rock

Silicates are rather evenly distributed in the shungite matrix.

 Radiation Ai - К-alpha
 Radiation Si - К-alpha

Distribution of Ai, Si in the rock (100 mkm)
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