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Propereties of shungite

An intensive oxidization-reduction reaction takes place in the thermal processes and silicates with forming of metallic silicon:
Sio2+2C --> Si+2CO
or silicon carbide:
SiO2+3C --> SiC+2CO

These reactions in shungite are more energetic and less conventional agglomerate based on alumina and coke.

The surface of crushed, milled and even powdered, shungite materials from Zazhoginskoye deposit possesses bipolar properties, that is why shungite fillers can mix with any binders of both organic or non-organic origin without exception.

Physical properties:
density - 2,25-2,40 g/cm3; porosity - 0,5-5%; compression strength 100-150 Mpa; elasticity index (Е) - 0,31*105 Mpa; electrical conductivity - (1-3) х 103 cn/m; heat conductivity - 3,8 w/m·k. Mean value of temperature expansion ratio in temperature range 20-600 0C is 12х10 -6 1/grad.

The rock possesses sorbtion, catalytical, bactericidal properties; it is biologically active; it can attenuate and neutralize high frequency elecrtomagnetic emissions.

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