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Products of the enterprise

The enterprise is producing crushed and milled shungite material of various fraction sized.

Fraction 10 - 100 mm of crushed shungite is used as alloying additive in agglomerate for production of cast iron and cast ferro-manganese.

Fraction 10 - 40 mm is used for production of ferroalloys in electrical smelters.

Shungite sand of fraction size 3 - 5 и 1 - 3 mm is used in potable water treatment (in flow filters and wells), cleaning of industrial and sewage water, in water treatment for swimming pools and thermal power station.

Shungite powders are used for production of elastomerers, various paints (construction, artistic, conductive, antiburn), as fillers of special material capable of attenuation and shielding of radio waves.

Total informalion about shungit

The shungite rock is unique formation. It is original by genesis, by structure of carbon contained and by structure of the rock itself.

The shungite rock is fossilized ancient oil. In the present state it is amorphous, non-crystalline, fulleren-like carbon. Its content in the rock is about 30 percent, whereas the silicate materials - quartz and mica - make about 70 percent. The silicate materials possess high dispersity and are homogeneously distri-buted in the carbon.

The properties of shungite rock are determined by two factors: firstly, by properties of shungite carbon and, secondly, by interrelation of carbon and silicates.

The shungite carbon is very active in oxidizing and reduction processes, it has sorption and catalyst properties and is in direct well- developed contact with silicates. This structure and properties of the rock determine the effectiveness of its use in oxidizing and reduction properties in:

  • blast furnace production of high-silica irons;
  • production of ferroalloys;
  • production of yellow phosphorous;
  • production of silica carbides and nitrides;
  • as strengthening component in runners masses;
  • as filler in anti-burn paints.

The sorption, catalyst and reduction properties of shungite rock makes it possible to clean water from many organic and non-organic matters (oil products, pesti-cides, phenols, surface active matters, etc.).

Shungite is a very effective matter to purify tap water from chlorine-organic matters (dioxins, radicals), it demonstrates bactericidal properties. Due to these properties shungite can be used to:

  • treat water inflow systems of any capacity and in wells too. Shungite offers the easiest and most efficient solution to water supply in regions with scarce water resources;
  • purify municipal and industrial waste water from many harmful matters;
  • treat water in swimming pools;
  • treat water at power stations.

Electrical conductivity properties of shungite rock made it possible to create a whole range of conductive materials:

  • conductive paint;
  • conductive concrete and bricks;
  • conductive mortars and plasters;
  • conductive asphalts.

Basing on these materials we have manufactured heaters, built rooms shielded from electromagnetic field. It is possible to construct warm roads and sidewalks, to easily remove ice from roads.

Fine shungite powder can be mixed with any organic and non-organic fillers. This property of shungite rock allows to use it as:

  • black pigment in paints (oil and water);
  • filler in polymer materials (polyethylene, polypropylene, ftoroplast, etc.);
  • substitute of carbon white and technical carbon in rubbers.

In agriculture the biologically active materials on the basis of shungite rock help to increase productivity of potatoes and immunity to deceases, in fur farms - to improve the quality of fur.

In agriculture the biologically active materials on the basis of shungite rock help to increase productivity of potatoes and immunity to deceases, in fur farms - to improve the quality of fur. It has been noticed, that water coming through the shungite rock has bactericidal properties. Many illnesses, including allergies, can be cured with this water. Water infusions of shungite potions possess the same properties. Therefore it is wise to have shungite infusions in every home to cure wounds, rushes from insect bites and generally to improve skin quality. Deposits of shun-gite rock are located in Medve-zhjegorsk region of republic of Karelia, 5 km from a bay in Onego lake. The capacity of the mining and processing plant is 200 thousand tons per annum. The reserves in Zazhoginskoye deposit are estimated at 35 million tons. There are possibilities to increase the mining and processing capacity. The company owns a jetty on the shore of Onego lake. During navigation period the processed shungite rock is shipped by vessels. Overloading on rail is done in Petrozavodsk and Medve-zhjegorsk. It is possible to take cargo from the company's jetty in Tolvuya to Baltic ports.

At present the company is supplying shungite for blast furnace production, water treatment and fine powder production. In blast furnace production 1 ton of shungite substitutes 1.3 tons of coke. In water treatment shungite efficiently removes oil products from waste water.

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